Definition of a Plinker


A plinker is a firearms enthusiast

who typically enjoys shooting at just about any kind of target that is safe to shoot at, small in size, and non-living.

Plinkers are not necessarily purest,

because I know firearms enthusiasts who enjoy both plinking and hunting. I am more of a bonafied plinker, because I typically avoid shooting living things for sport. I love plinking!

Growing up in the 50′ & 60’s

When, I was a young boy in the 1950’s and early 1960’s the only kind of target available commercially was the paper bullseye target. Shooting at paper bullseye targets certainly had their place; however, they offered little variety or action for plinkers. In addition, bullseye targets cost extra money. Money was very scarce, even though a box of 50, 22 cal. shells cost anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar.

Many glass insulators became prime targets

In those days, it was not uncommon to find glass insulators used on telegraph lines, power lines, and telephone lines lying around by railroad tracks. Many glass insulators became prime targets for plinkers, and I am sure that hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of insulators were shot when plinkers them found lying on the ground. In addition, I am absolutely sure that many plinkers simply could not avoid the temptation of shooting glass insulators off of active power poles, because railroad and phone companies were constantly replacing them with great vigor. I also have seen a few severed lines along railroad tracks in my day (I wonder how that happened?)

Tin cans and bottles were also very common targets for plinkers. Unfortunately, plinkers (myself included) left behind a lot of broken glass. Fortunately though, glass insulators are no longer in use and glass bottles, for the most part, have been replaced by plastic. Glass insulators are now collector items, and plastic bottles are recyclable.

Today, plinkers are much more responsible, and have an array of safe things to shoot at. As a plinker, I enjoy shooting a variety of free standing static targets like pill bottles of all sizes, eye drop bottles, wooden blocks, tins cans, empty shotgun shells, potatoes, bottles caps, or anything else that doesn’t present an opportunity for a ricochet.

The most likely firearm used by plinkers is the 22 cal. rifle or pistol, because they are relatively inexpensive, and come in a variety of models to suit just about any taste or need. And, 22 cal. ammo is still relatively inexpensive, and can be found if one is persistent.

I take along two 4X4 Target Shooting Stands

When I go with family and friends into the field for a day of plinking, I take along two 4X4 Target Shooting Stands set up with 4X4 boards that are 8 feet long, because they can hold a variety of free standing targets of all shapes and sizes. This type of board is also very robust, and can handle a multitude of shots when small targets are missed. The 4×4 board also absorbs 22 cal. rounds nicely, and prevents ricochets.

I encourage readers to go online at, and view my “shooting videos” entitled, “22 Competition Using 2 Target Stands” and “Getting Targets up Off the Ground.” Pause the screen on the left, and play the videos on the right side screen.

Hours of plinking fun

The 4X4 Target Shooting Stand provides family and friends with hours of plinking fun, and will make YOU a better shot! Stay tuned for my next blog article. It involves an unexpected visit by a bull moose visiting the 4X4 Target Shooting Stand—pictures included!

It’s been fun talking to you!
Happy Plinking,
Kit Haas

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