Mr. Moose Meets the 4X4 Target Shooting Stand


Haynes Ranch

We typically do our target shooting and plinking at my wife’s family ranch, which is called the Haynes Ranch, established in 1932. The ranch is only about an hour’s drive from our residence in Salt Lake City. We have a summer home on the ranch next to the East Fork of the Chalk Creek, called “The Kings X Campground.”

The Haynes Ranch is a beautiful piece of property that has many lakes, ponds, and creeks spread across 10,000 acres. The ranch supports cattle ranching, sheep ranching, hunting, and family camping. During camping season it’s not uncommon to see deer, elk, moose, bear, bobcats, fox, beaver, other smaller animals, as well as a variety of birds. Sometimes we even see coyotes, mountain lions/cougars, and an occasional wolf or two has been known to drop in.



“Sudenly a bull moose popped up in the line of fire

One day, seven of us (3 adults and 4 teenagers) were shooting 22 cal. rifles at free-stand targets on two prototype 4X4 Target Shooting Stands. We had just shot everything off the two shooting stands except the last two tin cans, when all of a sudden, a bull moose popped up in the line of fire from the creek behind, and I kid you not, proceeded to walk towards us.


“Mr. Moose walked to within ten yards of us

Needless to say, we froze in place with our single shot rifles loaded (not that they would have done any good). Mr. Moose walked to within ten yards of us for a friendly look, and then moseyed off peacefully – thank goodness! Mr. Moose had shoulders that stood at least 5-1/2 feet high.


I gotta tell ya, the 4X4 Target Shooting Stand is so unique that even the moose can’t resist taking a look. Take a look for yourself at And remember, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the area behind your targets!

Thanks again, and happy plinking!

Kit Hass

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